Monday, March 24, 2014

Lego Club and T-Ball Practice

T Ball practice started for Hayden two Mondays ago. I have got to hand it to t-ball coaches....I could not do it. I could coach once all the kids knew what they were doing. Lol. Trying to get a bunch of 5-6yr olds to learn baseball....ugh, no thanks! It has been quite humorous to watch though!! Here are some pictures of Hayden's first t-ball practice. (Andrew did not get to attend his first practice but he did get to see his second and agreed...funny!)

Looks like he is having fun. :)

 I love you can see the ball flying....but I think we need to keep on him about keeping your eyes open when you hit the ball. Ha!!

 This picture sums up why I couldn't be a t-ball coach. Hayden's running, all the other kids run from across the field to get the ball, fight over ball, one kid gets it and is told to throw to first, throw to first....see the ball going past the first baseman (in blue)? Ha!! Way to go team! :)

 This coach is so patient with the boys. His son is a 6 yr old on the team and let's just say he may be the only one that actually somewhat knows what he is doing.
Bobo just waiting around. The kid to the right, I don't think is really into baseball. He walks around with the glove on his head and practice last Thursday while running to first, mid way, just decides to do a somersault. Hey, why not?!

                                                                 LEGO CLUB!!!
 I keep Ashby after school every Wednesday and the library just started Lego Club back up so I offered to keep him on Monday's too so he could go to Lego Club.  The kids seem to really have fun. We go again today. :)
 The theme was 'ship'. Could be a boat or air...really anything they wanted to build. But here is Olivia's.....airplane I think.

 Hayden made a space ship.
 Proud of his space ship.

 Boys really debating on the pieces they were going to use.

So, that's the extent of Lego Club. Ha!! I think the kids like it because they are building legos....well, not at home. Just something fun.

We have Lego club again today and then Hayden has one more day of school, then is off for the rest of 'Spring Break'. I think we are going to have our garage sale this weekend. We were thinking maybe more people will be out?? I don't know. I'm keeping Ashby Wed-Fri and on Wed the library is having Movie day. They hand out a little snack for the kids and put the movie up on a projection screen. The movie of the month is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2! We like that movie. :) On Thursday Hayden has t-ball practice. Then Saturday we have a bday party.

Hayden has been doing really well in school. He has a spelling test every Friday and if he practices all week and gets all of them right he get's a dollar!! Huge motivation for that kiddo!! :) He is really reading well. I check out at least 5 books from the library just for him and he reads them by himself for his reading log. (His reading log is just for books that have been read by parent or yourself) Lately I have been letting him read his own books for the reading log. He is the only kid in his class (right now) that knows 150+ sight words. Yay!!  Hayden is really enjoying t-ball. He wants to do gymnastics when we start Olivia.

Miss Olivia is doing really well too. She just loves to learn and do whatever Hayden is doing. Literally, whatever Hayden does, Olivia does. Everything. She just adores her big brother. But there are times I am quite certain she is going to punch his lights out. Ha! Hayden likes to pester. Olivia is going to start gymnastics soon...she wanted to do soccer but we missed the deadline. Olivia loves everything princess. She has REALLY gotten into princesses. It came out of nowhere. So, here we are in this awesome princess stage. :) Olivia has also gotten into dressing herself. So, if you see her in person or in pictures and think....that kid must have dressed themselves.....she did. Nothing matches and she loves lots of print!! I am that parent that has the kid with every design on her clothing known to man.  She is very creative and loves to color and draw. She is also big on being a 'community helper'.

Andrew has been at his new job for I think 2 weeks. He is really enjoying it. He really likes the people he works with. He says there are obviously challenges with any job but he enjoys the challenges this job offers. We like it because we get to see him a lot more. Its still kind of weird. It is throwing our weekends off because he actually gets weekends off now. The latest he has gotten home is like 7. But that's only 3 days a week. The other two he is off between 2 and 4. Everybody is enjoying the new change and the time we get to spend with him now. And you want to know what he's excited about.....getting to go to garage sales with us. LOL! I'm not lying. Ha.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

OotM Video

Sorry, for how I shot the was early and wasn't thinking. We just re-watched this video and at the end you can see Hayden peeking around the corner! LOL! And actually we were told the judges liked Grace and Hayden's little 'hops' while moving around. :)

Odyssey of the Mind

Hayden's Odyssey of the Mind wrapped up on Saturday. What a long day that was. JB Hunt Primary did great! They do not rank primary kids (I'm guessing because they are so young) but each coach is given their primary groups scores and what they can improve on in following years. JB Hunt scored....perfect! :) Their little skit was the cutest thing and all the kids did great. I am really proud of all of them. They worked so hard. The coaches we had this year are new. JB Hunt has not had a team in 5 years. Primary and Secondary families decided to pitch in and get the coaches something nice. Because every single family offered to pitch in we were able to get them a $75 gift card to their favorite restaurant, $50 gift card to malco and flowers. All the kids signed a card for them as well. Boy, did they deserve it! Here are some pictures of OotM competition.
 This school was packed!!!
 A conga line right before the awards are given is completely normal, right? :/ I was not amused. It was 545pm, I had been there since 7, I was starving and ready to go! Ha.
 Olivia thought it was totally appropriate to show up to awards as Cinderella. :)
JB Hunt team in white...Hayden is on the far left. I forgot to mention that on Thursday Hayden woke and complained of his throat hurting. I told him he needed to go to school but if it kept hurting to tell the nurse and I would pick him up. Normally, he gets to school and I pick him up at the end of the day and he is completely fine. Well, on Thursday I got a call from the nurse at 830! He'd only been at school 30mins. She said that he wasn't running a fever but his throat was very red and she had seen a lot of strep. She didn't think it was strep and said that she would send him back to class and see how it progressed. I decided against that, went and picked him up. I made a dr appt for 940. Dr was skeptical of strep since he had no fever. He did a strep test anyway because his throat was red. He was positive for strep. Not allowed to return to school until Monday. He had competition on Saturday. Crap! Luckily, the dr said after 24hrs on antibiotics he is no longer contagious and technically he could go back to school on Friday at 2pm...what's the point of that. He missed two practices right before competition. His coaches were nervous! Lol. But Hayden was fine and we practiced at home. Obviously, he did well. :)

The next photos have nothing to do with OotM. :) Just some fun photos I took with my phone.

 Those two photos are of two cards Alec made for Hayden. I love their friendship. They are so funny. :)
 Hayden drew this robot a few weeks ago. We always check out drawing books at the library (Hayden has gotten really into drawing) and this was his version of the robot. He did better than I ever could do! :)
Like father like son, right? I was editing photos late one night and I go into our room to find them....pillow canopy??? I thought it was quite humorous.

We are having another snow day tomorrow.....take another day out of Spring Break. So glad we didn't have plans. But the fun part is Andrew now works at a job where their office closes due to bad weather. So, Andrew is now getting a 3 day weekend too! :)

I took video of Hayden's skit with Andrew's phone...mine had died (so dumb not to charge it the night before) and it is too long to email or message to anyone. So, Andrew is downloading it to youtube. Once it is loaded I will put the link up so you also can see his little skit. That I have to say the kids are required to do everything all by themselves. So, the whole concept, decor, costumes, lines, songs, moves, where everything is all them. They wrote their own skit. I still could not believe this. Just amazing! Anyway, I will get that up here in the next hour.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy Busy

Hayden has Odyssey of the Mind competition on Mar 1st. They have practice every Tues and Thurs until 530 and practices on Saturday and Sunday. They have very strict rules for competition and the kids are working so hard. I am so proud of him, considering he is the youngest of all the groups. They had spontaneous night last Tuesday until 8. They were preparing the kids from all the Springdale competing schools for competition. Hayden LOVED it! Surprised! Competitions, thanks. But he said he wished he did that at every Odyssey practice. Lol. (We will see how much he loves competition when he figures out that we have to be at the Bentonville Jr High by 645am on a Saturday)  Needless, to say we have been busy with that, helping him memorize his skit and still making sure he gets all his schoolwork done. He doesn't seem to mind it at all. :)

Andrew got a new job. He was very persistent and has worked hard for  a good job opportunity. Couldn't be more proud of him. He is really looking forward to it. He starts Mar 3rd....which means he won't miss Hayden's competition! :)

Olivia, such a special little girl. She just goes along with all the things that we need to do for Hayden. She gets treats now and then which make her happy and content. :) We make sure to do fun things with her...we have story time every Tuesday morning at the library. Olivia loves story time and going to the library. All the librarians that work in the kids section all know her by name. She just walks around like she owns the place. She told me the other day that when she grew up she wanted to be a librarian! Okay, with me! I adore libraries and all they offer.

SO....Hayden had Odyssey practice yesterday and afterwards I decided to take them to the Tulsa Zoo. Andrew's sister got us memberships to the zoo and it was a nice day so why not! I have pictures from the zoo but not much else....I guess I am not getting better about picture taking. Eh. Oh well.

 One little girl was convinced this was a tiger. As we walked away Hayden said...that was NOT a tiger. Ha.

 Mini rock climbing...this thing was packed with kids.

 Poor girl just could not figure out this spider web.

 HAD to stop and play at the park. The zoo was SO busy! I guess nice weather, a Saturday and was overcast would call for a pretty busy zoo day. But being by myself with two kids who wanted to run in two different directions got a little stressful at times. They were really good though. I was proud of them.

 Hayden just had to see the flamingos.

 The new sea lion habitat is really cool. You can go under and watch them swimming around. Unfortunately, their glass was a tidbit dirty.

 The painted dogs took over the cheetah habitat. We could not find the cheetah and Hayden was not pleased. I, however, found these dogs to be really neat.

 Silly kids wanted their picture taken in the' jungle'. Then proceeded to ask me if we could eat it. :/
 When we first got to the zoo this Grizzly was our first stop. All the kids were crowded around this glass to see him as he was trying to nap.
 I am assuming this upset him as he slammed his paw on the glass....see his paw near Hayden's head?
 Glass cleared. Grizzly successful. :)  BTW, after we left the bear Hayden said 'That was a meat eater and he kind of scared me.' Lol. :)
 White bird. I haven't a clue as to what this thing is.....

 Bald Eagle. Hayden sat and stared at him for at least 3 minutes while explaining to Olivia why he was so important. Great big brother.
 Her face when I want a picture. Cute.
 And his. Even better.

 Albino alligators are new to the zoo and super cool!

 They loved going up to the glass and trying to find the animals.

 Yes....yes they loved this.

 This peacock was chasing around the kangaroos and when he got up to them he spread out his feathers and would charge at them. I would not want to mess with a peacock. Lol.
 These guys were just playing. It was pretty cool to see the animals all so active.

And that's all the pictures I got from the zoo. We had a good time and the trip solo was worth it. The kids had fun and we were all beat when we got home.